Inclusive writing

One of my fears is having someone mocking my English skills. In this case I use my fears as a tool to make sure I won’t publish mistakes on my blog. I don’t want to let it stop me from writing altogether. I want to use it as check point. I will ask some people to proof read before publishing instead. Your fears are part of who you are and use them to your benefit.

Blogging and me (cache)

My English is pretty basic and I used to be complexed by that. Today I consider it to be a feature: more people with average level in English can read my writings without too much effort and unknown convoluted words (I had to use one to illustrate, read “complex” ;p). I really like that my knowledge didn’t improve itself but my interpretation of it did improve my way of thinking about it. There is no reality, only your reality. How cool is that?

Very good article by the way, go read it!