To hell or utopia?

A multiplicity of people, spaces, and infrastructures lay the ground where powerful, autonomous territories take shape. Everything for everyone. Land is given over to common use. Technology is cracked open–everything a tool, anything a weapon. Autonomous supply lines break the economic strangle hold. Mesh networks provide real-time communication connecting those who sense that a different life must be built. While governments fail, the autonomous territories thrive with a new sense that to be free, we must be bound to this earth and life on it. Enclaves of techno-feudalism are plundered for their resources. We confront the dwindling forces of counter-revolution with the option: to hell or utopia?–either answer satisfies us. Finally, we reach the edge–we feel the danger of freedom, the embrace of living together, the miraculous and the unknown–and know: this is life.

Instructions for Autonomy (cache)

Too many weapons for my taste. Hopefully a cultural bias. Sadly my current neighbours…