Digital preservation

Above all things it’s not the languages of the web we should be worried about when it comes to digital preservation. Instead, it’s the pact we sign when renting a space on the web for money – that’s the least resilient part of the whole deal.

How Long Can Our Content Last? (cache)

Agreed. I’m both surprised and concerned there is no service so far (out of my knowledge) proposing to host websites for the next let’s say twenty years. A one-time fees to serve long-term HTML content with a dedicated domain.

Maybe something to experiment on.


That perspective of permanence gives you a completely different outlook on your actions and your overall strategy. It’s like how most people end up treating a neighborhood they live in with a different kind of respect than one they’re just visiting. It’d be nice if everyone were just the best human they could be all the time, but it seems that most need some intrinsic incentive. Having to stick around is one such incentive.

Loot’n’leave (cache)