Popularity & activism

Based on my experiences, my recommendation to others is simple: Give it a try. If you’re inclined, try being mindful of whose voices you share, amplify, validate and promote to others. For me, it was giving a platform to women where I wasn’t able to mansplain the things they were already saying, but instead just sharing out their own thoughts in their own words. It may be by issue, or by identity, or by community, or some other consideration.

The Year I Didn’t Retweet Men (cache)

A few years ago, when I was still active on Twitter, I tried to follow as many women as men. I gave up after a few months because it was incompatible with keeping a low number of people to follow for my usage of Twitter. Still, I found the idea of only citing folks from a given group to be interesting or maybe only retweeting people with less followers than me or whatever algorithm fitting your values.

Let’s get back to that blog, I will try to quote only women until the end of the month and see how it goes. I will allow myself a unique emoji to comment.