Fighting mosquitoes

Rynoskin Total was specifically designed to be worn underneath the clothing. This unique concept provides the wearer with comfort, breath-ability, stealth movement and eliminates snags against brush. This armor will stretch to accommodate all different body sizes. Unlike all of the over garment type of insect protection suits that are hot, noisy and snag against the brush, Rynoskin Total is ultra-lightweight body-forming, cool, and comfortable. This body suit is so comfortable that the wearer will forget that they’re wearing it.

Rynoskin Total Insect Protection Clothing (cache)

Making a family canoe trip within a heat wave was probably a mistake, especially in terms of mosquitoes. They were actually swarming around us by evening and all night! A good occasion to test if dedicated clothes make the difference.

Verdict: it does work, maybe not the promoted 98% but close enough to that. As a bonus, it works for black flies and ticks too!

The clothes are not that breathable though but it was about 30°C by night so…