Paying attention

Because at the moment, I’m feeling like I need to write down not just the kind of work I like, but the kind of projects I can allow myself to do. I need to come up with an ethical framework for myself, and how I run my business.

Maybe the answer will be that there’s no ethical web design under capitalism. Maybe the line simply is much, much blurrier than it used to be. Maybe the line was always this blurry, and I’m just now paying attention. I don’t know. I do know this is a small problem amidst everything else that’s happening. But it might be one I can fix. Or at least, I have to try.

Just work. (cache)

Is the world getting, mmh, “blurrier” or are we getting older? Hence asking ourselves more profound questions about life, work and future? Looks like a midlife crisis for a generation of developers realizing they are shaping part of the world for the last decade and it didn’t end as well as they/we expected…