Wasting time

There is an argument that this my fault. I followed the wrong people; I am too nostalgic about bad blogs; I am in my 30s and what I used to think was fun time-killing is now deadly. But I don’t think so. What happened is that the internet stopped being something you went to in order to separate from the real world — from your job and your work and your obligations and responsibilities. It’s not the place you seek to waste time, but the place you go to so that you’ll someday have time to waste. The internet is a utility world for me now. It is efficient and all-encompassing. It is not very much fun.

I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore (cache)

Terrific article about a feeling I unfortunately share. One place that is not mentioned is Youtube. That is probably the space where I’m going to when I want to waste my time. Even if you have to trick the algorithm to get out of your bubble I sometimes spend evenings jumping from nonsense to hilarious to beautifully boring. Did you see that ant vs. alligator vid?