Physical networks

Next, the audience was invited into the floor area and assembled themselves into networks of different configurations.

This was a fun session, and made easier by the informality and low-tech aspect of the tools. Once people assembled, configurations changed, people tried things like sending a Like or a Smiley across the network.

The first portion of this was network-assembly and data-transfer, the second portion was to have three pre-determined actors—Facebook, The State, and The Government—intervene in the existing networks and reconfigure them for their own interests. So, after a few minutes of self-organizing, the larger actors entered. The picture on the right, below, represents Facebook as a central data collection point. On the left, the groups kneeled, to show the subordinate agency of their networks when under the control of a government.

Thoughts On Workshop Design (cache)

I really like that idea of dealing with rather complex concepts and then being able to visualize these at a human scale.

Very inspiring for future (small) events.