Compromised safety

So let’s exaggerate a little? To make this more relatable? When you interact with someone whose Symbolic Violence/Hexis/cultural capital is much higher than yours you are condemned to “hit yourself” in an unpleasant way?

The central question after all this is: Society has conditioned you to “hit yourself” when talking to people passing certain patterns and you have them in a team how can you work? What methods can even work in that situation?

Agility is ridiculously unequipped for that: To improve the team we are supposed to reflect on the issues, communicate them, decide experiments and follow trough them: every part of this depend on a safety that is compromised.

A Pair programming or mob session where one of the participants is hitting oneself is not a co-creation, it is submission.

Agility should pay attention to Sociology (cache)

A follow-up invoking Sociology and Bourdieu to explain Power Dynamics. Still thinking about that. From a scientific point of view, inequalities are necessary for movement, hence life? Requires some more digging.