Mu Hin Shu

To instil Mu Hin Shu in our clients, we must re-form a learning ecosystem of our own. Instead of Ha change agents training Shu change recipients to achieve some distant Ri change-enlightenment, we need to apply agile to delivering agile, supplying servant-leaders as peers to change participants to collaborate on numeric improvements to top-line business throughput.

That’s the intent of self-propagating transformation. But how do you track it? Prioritise it? Optimise it? If you can’t put it on a kanban and pull it toward Done, day by day, it’s just more "no touch" mastery.

The Samurai and the Tea-Master (cache)

Maybe for a transformation to self-propagate it has to come from both sides. From the current “follow my path” to “let’s take a walk together and see where we end up”. The transformation has to nurture itself with both sides being open enough to embrace change. It is a matter of attitude: no masters, only apprentices and shared experiments to grow up together.