Blog for yourself

Talking to other ordinary bloggers (aka people who blog once in a full moon or less), it sounds like we’re holding ourselves to the unrealistic standard of published authors who often work with an editor. We try to be our own editor, but without any actual editorial review we end up doubting our words and our intent.

So here’s the trick I’d like to try: publish unfinished drafts. I mean drafts where you haven’t even reached the end of your thoughts or message. Get it out, tweet or signal-boost it maybe, and finish tomorrow or next weekend.

Blogging with public drafts (cache)

I like that advice. I often consider myself blogging only drafts, hoping my thoughts to be a stream rather than something static. My tip to complement that one is to blog what has a meaning to you. I am lucid that writing about a road trip or my forest’s adventures is barely understandable and far from regular technical point of views. I publish it mainly to keep a (public) log. And that is what I love about blogging, you are free to share whatever you want! That is part of the magic/unclassifiable representation of human nature.

Note: the place where you publish your stuff has an impact on what you allow yourself to say. This is not only a matter of ownership and silos but something related to intimacy