Corporate responsibility

Everything that is produced requires resources and all these resources have some impact on our environment. What we do, what we take and what we destroy is guided by a combination of environmental responsibility, ethical responsibility and social responsibility. We have unlimited responsibility for Total Quality.

Gränsfors Bruk realises that the quality and life of a product is a crucial element of this responsibility. A good product that you learn how to use and look after properly is likely to last much longer – and a longer product life means:

  1. taking fewer natural resources: reduced consumption of raw materials and energy
  2. destroying less: generating less waste.
  3. having to do less: gaining time to do other things that are important or enjoyable

One core goal for Gränsfors Bruk is to make good products that last a very long time. As proof of this, and to leave nobody in any doubt that we take our responsibilities seriously, Gränsfors Bruk sells its axes with a 20 Year Guarantee. The production and choice of materials is guided by environmental considerations and aims to be positive for the employees and the end users alike.

Corporate responsibility (cache)

I’m still digging into that long term warranty provided by tools I buy. And it continues with fondamental theses:

  1. An axe is only as good as the accumulated skills of the people who forge, grind and attach the handle to the axe. All our axes are made by human hand. And all these people deserve great respect and recognition for their professional expertise. Our company would be nothing without them.

  2. Smarter production requires fewer natural resources and imbues a product with better quality and a longer life. A longer product life in turn decreases the overall consumption of natural resources and reduces waste.

  3. Every unnecessary step in axe production should be stripped out. Unnecessary grinding, polishing, painting and use of epoxy adhesive for the handle has been eliminated. This makes for a better working environment, lower energy consumption and less of an impact on nature.

  4. We have unlimited responsibility for Total Quality. Working conditions, product quality and concern for nature are just some factors determining Total Quality. Others include humanity, ethics and beauty.

  5. Sound knowledge of a product increases its value and life. The axe user therefore needs information – The Axe Book is one source, courses and Gränsfors Axe Museum are others.

Production (cache)

It inspires me to be a better crafter and to propose my own warranties related to web products. I’m really hoping that it would make a difference to have these concerns during the development of a website.

Act & see.