Average week

One of the working relationships we need to define is ours. The following is a user guide for me and how I work. It captures what you can expect out of the average week, how I like to work, my north star principles, and some of my, uh, nuance. My intent is to accelerate our working relationship with this document.

How to Rands (cache)

Clearly inspiring, even if kept private I should try to do the exercise to better understand how I work. I feel so lucky to deal with my time as I want, to be payed for what I “need” and to have colleagues I can fully rely on. My relation to work looks really apart now, to the point I cannot understand anymore — and as such give empathy to — some of my friends.

She said I couldn’t go back to a 9-5 office. I denied it. But I know she’s right and it somehow scares me a little.