Give my CPU back

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t make more cool interactive news stories, or use motion in interesting ways. But I’m advocating here for some guidelines to help make your story a better experience for all your readers.

  1. Respect the Physics […]
  2. Remember that We Call Them “Readers” […]
  3. Ask for Consent […]


If you’re implementing consent at the element level, you can give users the option of reading an entire unadorned version of your interactive story: plain words, static images, unanimated charts and graphs. Like the olden days.

Your Interactive Makes Me Sick (cache)

Somehow related, I read most of my content online using the Reader feature of my browser. Not only does it make the text readable (and uniform) from my perspective but it saves quite a lot of CPU too with wasteful animations cleaned up. I control my scroll, gifs are static, the lazy loading of whatever is ineffective and I cannot stumble across angry comments. I’m not that far from rewriting my web too: convenient, readable, sustainable.

I’m not even sure who to blame for all that crap. I’m getting old…