Free Act

My responsibility as CEO is to ensure that we make thoughtful, informed decisions in the best interest of our Co-op and effect change where this is possible and consistent with our presence in the marketplace.


So, the questions before us are: what can a Canadian retail co-operative with more than five million members, a business that exists to get people active outdoors, do to effect positive change while continuing to ensure that we serve our members’ needs? At the same time, how do we act as a catalyst for this important debate while we maintain the integrity of our Co-op?

I hope that you will see that the decision we made today is balanced and considered and positions us to inspire a wider discussion throughout our industry and North America.

An Open Letter to MEC Members from CEO David Labistour (cache)

I’m a member of the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), partly because you have to be in order to buy something from their stores but also because… I’m interested in cooperatives. I was somehow waiting for a reaction after such a disclosure and I’m quite happy they (re)acted. I don’t know if they chose the profitable option, maybe in term of marketing/press relations it makes sense, maybe not. I guess I would have thought twice before getting something else from the cooperative otherwise.

Anyway, so far from that Free Speech bullshit (cache) from Shopify!