Public responses

Since David doesn’t allow public responses, I’ll try and follow his way of publishing letters in personal spaces.

“HTTPS considered harmful”, yes, but isn’t HTTP too? (cache)

I try to link to any reference/response of my articles and/or to answer myself to feed the helix of knowledge we both create during the exchange (more to come on that concept). It induces to share the responsibility to maintain that content online for both sides (my cache somehow mitigates that but you get the point). I try to answer every email I receive related to my articles and sometimes ask if it is possible to answer publicly. I don’t know how to encourage more and I don’t know if I can actually handle it!

Maybe mentioning explicitly that sending an email can be short and that the reply can even be shorter. Maybe with a more prominent call to dialogue on each page. Maybe it’s okay like that and it serves as a filter for deeper reactions.