Commit (hi)story

There is one tool that we under utilise in our communities for communicating our intent and that is our version control system. […]

Our commit history has some very special properties which make it particularly useful for documenting intent.

It is kept forever.

It is always up to date and this almost certainly not true of most of the documentation you have, perhaps in a wiki or even in code comments.

And, this may come as a surprise to some of you, it is searchable.

Telling stories through your commits (cache)

Even if I try to write good commit messages (cache), I never thought about actually using it as an up-to-date line by line documentation (cache). Which lead me to think about a more friendly way to visualize it. Using git blame or any other git trickery (cache) is a bit too nerdy for me. I’m still looking for the most appropriated plugin for my editor which would display the commit message related to each line without the hurdle of doing it by hand.