Blaming others

Hundreds of people were ecstatic when we added that arrow to PR pages. Out of those, not a single one indicated that this flow was confusing. A lot of people assumed it was their own fault for not just “getting” it.

Others get so accustomed to these flows that they don’t even notice their anxiety. If they do, it’s just part of life. The status quo. Something to live with, not improve.


The lesson here is that you can’t trust your users to bubble up the small stuff, which as we’ve seen can often be the best stuff to build). This means that you can’t exclusively rely on existing user feedback and tickets. You need to dig deeper.

Tiny Wins (cache)

How many people are blaming their connection because you made them load a 2 Mb image? How many people are blaming their outdated computer because you think a Single Page App is fancy on your latest Macbook Pro? How many people think they are stupid with your innovative mobile design full of anti-patterns?

Caring is accepting that it is your fault. And acting accordingly. Now.