Écriture et longueur

Received wisdom has it that writing online should be brief and chunky and approachable: make it short and to the point; divide all the writing up into coherent blocks that each focus on a certain topic; subheadings and lists help users scan; avoid the passive voice; write with a conversational tone, like you’re talking; no one has time to read.

The Web Is Read/Write (cache)

Je m’interroge beaucoup sur ces notions de taille et d’écriture en ce moment. Sur le format le mieux adapté pour partager et/ou pour échanger.

The fundamental unit of the blog is not the blog post. The fundamental unit of the blog is the stream.

And this is why blogging on Medium has felt unnatural. Despite the kick-ass world-class editor, the simple distribution model, the fantastic emails that give me kudos; despite recommends and notes and stats; despite knowing that my stories will look great on desktop and mobile, it’s not blogging. And that’s because I’m not building a stream, there’s nothing to push down. While I’m building a corpus of standalone stories, there’s no way to read them together and have that stream tell a story.

Blogging on Medium (cache)

Ce dont je suis certain c’est de ne pas vouloir retomber dans du plus-que-quotidien. Mais peut-être que c’est déjà trop.