? Into the sled

Résumé en français

Le traîneau c’est sûrement pratique mais il ne faut pas oublier les caribous volants qui vont avec. Voir aussi.

Once in a while, I’m trying something new. This time again, it was somehow a failure new learning! I wanted to try out the sled we have for having family fun in the snow for a very long time. Two ropes, two PVC tubes and a belt later, there we are, super cheap (see post’s picture). So I went for two nights in the forest with all my equipment behind me, it was super cold and I still enjoyed the moment… despite the sled in itself.

Earn or learn

Path with dead trees and uphill
And I am not even mentioning when the path in itself is not flat (in cant?).
A fire in front of a tipi with the sun rising.
A fire, a tipi, now time for a hot tea!
A cold sunrise in the forest full of snow.
One of these magical moments.
A stream in the forest, totally iced.
Can I have tap water please?

It was probably my last time in the woods this year. This trip gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities and my knowledge, that was fun to some extent besides the struggle with the ride. Best of all, I did not break the sled and avoid a family drama, yay!

Winter camping is (c|g)old.