? Into the Mice

Résumé en français

J’ai mal dormi en refuge, j’en ai bavé dans la neige, je me sens presque canadien.

Well, Into the Cabin would have been more accurate but it’s five letters, sorry. Changing my plans because of snow, I went for a three days hike and guess what, there was snow! You mean a few centimeters like the end of the spring? Nope, I mean ONE meter of remaining snow. And even worse, it was raining… :cry:

That’s why when I saw an empty cabin close to a lake at the end of the first afternoon I decided to make a tea and finally stayed for the night, so comfy. Was it a good idea? The title should give you an insight. But before that, let me explain why I chose to stay. Building a small cabin out of the woods is one of my long term goal/dream, I have good sources of inspiration (even if I aimed at a smaller one!) but before that I need to know if it fits my character so the best way is to actually try out! The silence inside was intense, I would have loved to be able to write or read but it was part of the kind of meditative retreat.

I actually enjoyed it. A lot.

Earn or learn

I am definitely repeating myself but this time is the last with snow this year. I’m done with that “mârde blânche”.