? Into the Good

Résumé en français

Des fois ça fait vraiment du bien de ne plus avoir à se battre contre les éléments. Prendre le temps d’apprécier ces moments.

Yet another I-spend-time-in-the-forest summary. No more snow. At all. I was afraid of two black beasts though:

  1. Black bears should have come out of their caves by that time, I did not see any footprint nor any particular damages on trees. I still hang my food though.
  2. Black flies were still absent. You have to know that you cannot beat them, they bite you! I learned that the hard way last year so now the end of May + entire June month are blacklisted (ah!).

When the two dangers you can face are absent you feel definitely relieved but even better no more snow means easy access to water, fire starting becomes a matter of seconds and you do not have to rush to build your shelter, yay!

Earn or learn

Overall, it was good (hence the title) and I even found a place to go with my son this summer, hopefully not infested by mosquitoes. Double happiness.