? Into the Camp

Résumé en français

J’ai fait un lit surélevé. J’étais content. Je suis tombé dans la nuit. J’étais moins content…

Snow, snow, snow, it never ends! I went for a two-days trip under quite heavy snow storm (or was it hailstorm?). Plus there was still a decent amount of snow on the ground except for some rare places so I decided to make a raised bed to put a layer of air between me and the frozen ground. What follows will truly amazed you, especially the fourth point (bon à part si tu t’es divulgâché en français…).

Earn or learn

My plan was initially to go for two days build something and then come back for more the week after but given the conditions I need to reconsider my strategy. Light hiking is an option, bike packing is another, oh and I start to give an eye to raft packing, stay tuned!