? Into the Bugs

Résumé en français

Maringouins, mouches à chevreuils, mouches à cheval, mouches à feu, mouches noires, etc. La faune canadienne est pleine de ressources insoupçonnables !

I went for a 4-days trip, I initially planned for 5 but I gave up given the number of bugs surrounding me… This time I mainly focused on fishing and establishing a stationary camp. I knew the spot I was heading to but I arrived just 5 minutes after somebody else at that place. We discussed a bit and then accept to share the campement for a night. It was something new to me and quite enjoyable given I was there for many nights. I started to fish in the right timing and bam, two black bass for the dinner! We cooked them over the fire, appreciating the moment.

For that trip, I took a pyramidal net instead of a tent and it was clearly a mistake for a stationary camp with bugs having time the whole day to infiltrate the shelter. My duvet was full of bugs, and even cleaning up the whole space each and every evening, it wasn’t enough. Not even talking about mosquitoes buzzing around all night, at some point I counted more that a hundred around the net! Needless to say that you don’t go peeing by night and you literally run out of the camp in the morning :-D. Oh, and during daylight time there were all kind of flies biting me, doesn’t sound that fun?!

One of the reasons I wanted to go for five days was to start to take care about hygiene, toilets, solitude, food management, routines and such. On that part, it went pretty smoothly and apart from bugs, I think it was kind of sustainable for a longer period. Time will tell, even if I will focus on 2/3-days for now, I still have a lot of things to explore.

Hiking, swimming (a lot!), learning new skills, overall it was still positive and will make me appreciate the autumn much more when the number of bugs will hopefully drop!