Un océan de possibilités sémantiques

Je viens de découvrir la dernière publication du magazine Nodalities intitulée Semantic Web a Blue Ocean Opportunity et le contenu est sacrément intéressant ! Quelques extraits pour vous mettre l'eau à la bouche :

Social Networking Demands Social Verification

Our confidence in email itself is not significantly undermined. But would you really put your personal details in to a social networking site if you knew in advance that 80% of the other ‘people’ in it were fakesters and fraudsters [...]

Semantic Web and the Environment

There’s so much hype and buzzword overflow that it’s a full time job just sorting out interesting bits from re-packaged fluff. And when you’re trying to find a commercial angle on the bleeding edge, the challenges just get that much more interesting.

Open World Thinking

The Web in its current form as a Web of Documents is very different to what we envisage as the Web of Data, or the Semantic Web. Getting from one to the other is not about a technology change, which is where many of us get hung up. What it’s really about is a Paradigm Shift. It’s a completely different way of thinking about the problems we are trying to solve and the applications we are trying to build. Fundamentally, It’s about Open World rather than Closed World thinking.

Je m'arrête là mais c'est vraiment du bon niveau, ça fait plaisir.

— 23/07/2008

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