Worry time is the act of setting aside time each day to let yourself worry about the things that are making you anxious.

For those of us who are prone to worrying and ruminating over and above what’s helpful to us, it serves 2 purposes:

  1. It allows us to postpone our worries throughout the day, safe in the knowledge that we’ll get a chance to think about them at the designated time.
  2. It can help us to worry more “productively”, recognising what we can and can’t control and planning to take appropriate action.

Worry time (cache)

De la productivité même dans son anxiété. En première lecture, j’étais horrifié mais peut-être que ça n’est pas si délirant au final. J’aurais presque envie de tester pour me prouver qu’il faut laisser un peu de temps à une idée.

Et le simple fait d’énoncer cela introduit un biais impossible à rattraper 😅.

Un autre article de la même personne :

I don’t know where we go from here, with this latest pandemic setback, but I do know that things will keep moving.

And if you feel bad today, feel bad. Feel sad or angry or scared or whatever it is you need to feel. Give yourself to yourself as you are.

Things will keep changing. Life will keep unfolding. We will keep going.

Best laid plans (cache)