When you look a bit more closely to what meditation is about, the main concept is to shut down any distraction (like smartphones, smart watches, and even counting mosquito bites) to put full focus on yourself. Once you’re in the focus, the goal is to find relief, self-confidence, health and happiness in the world. It’s a great and weird mixture of extreme selfishness and embracing a social, helpful society. Meditation is a great technique to calm down, to get into a more self-reflecting mode.

It’s time for a healthy tech approach (cache)

C’est la seconde fois consécutive que j’annule une sortie en forêt. La première fois car la pluie autour de 0°C ce n’est pas super enthousiasmant. La seconde car j’ai fini par récupérer le rhume de l’enfant la veille de partir.

Derrière cette frustration, il y a le manque de cette méditation dans l’action qui m’apporte tant durant ces journées en forêt. Cela signifie que la prochaine sortie sera forcément blanche… et fraîche.

Once we start building things for people, we not only make others happier and healthier, we will be happier as well. There’s nothing as long-lasting and uplifting as someone else who is grateful for what you have done for them. Our own happiness will make us calmer and more healthy.