I like thinking about privacy as being collective, because it feels like a more true reflection of the fact that our lives are made up of relationships, and information about our lives is social and contextual by nature. The fact that I have a sister also indicates that my sister has at least one sibling: me. If I took a DNA test through 23andme I’m not just disclosing information about me but also about everyone that I’m related to, none of whom are able to give consent. The privacy implications for familial DNA are pretty broad: this information might be used to sell or withhold products and services, expose family secrets, or implicate a future as-yet-unborn relative in a crime. I could email 23andme and ask them to delete my records, and they might eventually comply in a month or three. But my present and future relatives wouldn’t be able to do that, or even know that their privacy had been compromised at all.

left alone, together (cache)

Une personne proche n’avait pas eu conscience de divulguer une partie de l’information génétique de sa descendance en procédant à un séquençage. Et surtout, ne comprenait pas en quoi cette information pouvait être une donnée critique.

Toute donnée stockée sera exploitée, tout recoupement possible sera effectué. Ce n’est qu’une question de temps.