Such a transformation of the environment from a commons to a productive resource constitutes the most fundamental form of environmental degradation. […] The task must be undertaken urgently because commons can exist without police, but resources cannot. Just as traffic does, computers call for police, and for ever more of them, and in ever more subtle forms.

By definition, resources call for defense by police. Once they are defended, their recovery as commons becomes increasingly difficult. This is a special reason for urgency.

Silence is a Commons by Ivan Illich, 1982 (cache)

J’ai eu du mal à trouver l’extrait le plus pertinent de cette intervention qui a mon âge et qui n’a pas pris une ride… elle. La clairvoyance d’Illich me surprendra toujours.

Le lendemain, Llu m’invite à creuser la piste de Spinoza (cache) aussi. Réservé à la bibliothèque.