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Another Facebook engineer used his employee access to dig up information on a woman with whom he had gone on a date after she stopped responding to his messages. In the company's systems, he had access to “years of private conversations with friends over Facebook messenger, events attended, photographs uploaded (including those she had deleted), and posts she had commented or clicked on,” the book said. Through the Facebook app the woman had installed on her phone, the book said, the engineer was also able to see her location in real time.

Facebook Fired Dozens Over Abusing Access to User Data, New Book Says (cache)

Si quelqu’un·e qui m’est proche était employé·e de Facebook (et si j’utilisais cet outil), je serais quand même prudent. C’est valable pour pas mal d’autres réseaux et outils en ligne mais celui-ci est particulièrement utilisé… et utilisable.

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