The people most vulnerable to the oppressive impact of White Supremacy will never know for certain if the symbol is being used in one of its non-violent manners or if it's being used in its racist violent manners. The oppressed must choose the option that protects them, which is typically erring on the side of caution.

Continuing to use the symbol with its non-hateful connotations to “take it back”, does not eliminate its pervasive new meaning associated with White Supremacy. Instead, continuing usage only perpetuates emotional and psychological harm upon the most vulnerable and susceptible populations.

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J’aurais aimé pouvoir me ré-approprier un tel emoji mais pas au détriment des personnes qui en souffrent. Je vais dorénavant l’éviter autant que possible 🧘.

Au passage, ce site comporte de nombreuses définitions qui sont autant de sources d’explorations de mes maladresses actuelles. Merci Anne-Sophie !