Perhaps then we’d understand how we can handle this data in a more responsible way. A metaphor that puts our personal experience at the forefront will help us find out where to draw lines in how our lives are stored and processed, and to understand that the lines will need to be different for different people. I don’t know what the right metaphor is - memory and history are the concepts I’ve been mulling over, but they have already been used in computing in ways that blur and dull them.

Maybe we should be very explicit, and refer to data as our lives. Imagine if a service had to ask you permission to ‘track your life’ or ‘share information about your life with other providers’. Already that feels grittier, more visceral, than just ‘data’.

Data isn’t oil, so what is it? (cache)

Les données de nos vies, ou les évènements qui composent nos vies. L’historique de vos interactions avec autrui. Si tant est que nous soyons plus que la somme de ces micro-expériences.

J’imagine alors à quoi pourrait correspondre le bouton de suppression de compte :

Supprimer votre vie.